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Official Website of Afghanistan National Independant Peace and Reconciliation Commission
The Afghanistan National Independent Peace and Reconciliation Commission (also known as Programme Tahkim Sulh or PTS) was established through a presidential decree in May 2005. The purpose of this commission is to end inter-group armed hostilities, resolve unsettled national issues, facilitate healing of the wounds caused by past injustices, and take necessary measures to prevent the repeat of the civil war and its destruction.

After over two decades of foreign invasions and civil war, the Afghan society was devastated by losing its economic, social and political order and facing years of lawlessness. Grave injustices took place during the in-fighting not only to a defeated party but also to thousands of innocent people. A party that got the upper hand due to greater regional or international support usually attempted to totally exclude its enemy from the political scene or even try to eliminate them. Killing and torture of thousands of innocent civilians in the course of acts of inter-group vengeance fragmented the Afghan society, damaged inter-group trust and destroyed national unity.

After the Bonn conference, opportunities for reconstruction and rehabilitation emerged one after the other. While political and democratic institutions were established and schools, roads, and hospitals were reconstructed- comprehensive and sustainable security, peace and stability are still yet to come.

Time has proven that military measures or international support alone, even in large quantities, cannot bring sustainable security, peace and stability nor it can restore the lost trust between former enemies.

To address the crucial need for a national program to bring armed hostilities against the Afghan state to an end and to restore the lost trust and damaged national unity, the Afghanistan National Independent Peace and Reconciliation Commission was established.
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