Military Sales Divsion!

Our Military Sales Division (MSD) operating in Afghanistan principally in the DOD market by providing superior IT, ICT and military logistic services, at a sensible rate, without ever compromising its fundamental values of quality, ethics, and social obligation. We exists to provide high quality mission critical services in support of modernizing the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces.


Python Technology Services is an Afghan owned business, operates principally in the DOD market by providing superior logistics services, at an efficient value, without ever compromising its fundamental values of quality, ethics, and social responsibility. The Military Sales Division of Python Technology Services (PTS) was established to provide expert logistics management resources to meet our client’s challenges. PTS’s goal is to lead the Afghanistan marketplace in the production of superior military logistic solutions by strategic use of local resources, development and implementation of automation systems, and training for 21st century technology.


PTS’s commitment to satisfy its business goal will be reflected in its efforts and purpose, and sustained by internal and external examination and recognition. PTS’s personnel, products and services will be judged by the JCCS standards, but acceptance of its qualifications can only come from the market place. PTS’s ability to clench on the present prospects and plan the future, while communicating the changes will provide PTS a leadership advantage. PTS must realize that advancement often times means change. PTS will focus on its goals and refocus them as required by these changes. PTS’s performance towards these goals should show regular accomplishment and profit, or it must correct the inaccuracies.

Our Services

PTS is committed to providing quality services to our customers. We supply a strong foundation of Military Logistic support services to the Afghanistan government installations that encompass the full range of Maintenance, Supply and Training for mission critical needs and services.


The PTS process means we go beyond basic requirements by maintaining accountability and proper operation of equipment with maintenance data and metrics. We sustain shop operations and perform Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on equipment. We provide:

  • No-tactical Vehicle Repair
  • Maintenance and Repair Parts Management
  • COMSEC maintenance Support
  • IT and Radio Communication Equipment Installation, Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Small Arms Repair and Maintenance Support
  • (RAID)Aerostat Deployment and Maintenance Support


Our experience includes an extensive list of supply support services to the customer. When called upon to operate warehouses or supply chains, we provide management and metrics analysis. This includes the ability to receive, store, issue, package and prepare shipment all classes of supplies. We provide:

  • Warehouse Management and Operations
  • CORE IMS and CORP Level Property Book Support
  • Equipment Receiving and Distribution Support
  • HAZMAT Support


PTS understands the importance of training and has focused on theater-specific technical pre-mobilization training at all locations in Afghanistan. Our expert Field Support Representatives (FSR) provide sustainment training (classroom, over-the-shoulder and hands-on) in the area of radio communications and automation architecture as well as theater provided equipment for the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces. We offer:

  • Logistic Training
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Individual and Large Unit Training
  • IT and Communication Equipment Training
  • Aerostat Deployment Training